John Scofield Trio featuring Steve Swallow at the Blue Note, NYC 10/4/12


I went to the Blue Note in New York City last night to hear the John Scofield Trio. I was eager to hear Steve Swallow playing the latest bass I built for him, a Citron AE5 Swallow Signature custom prototype. This bass varies from the earlier models in that this bass is 4″ thick, the body is 2″ longer and also a bit wider than previous instruments. The top is cedar, the neck is a lamination of Honduras Mahogany/East indian Rosewood/Honduras Mahogany. This one is finished in Nitro Cellulose lacquer. In this bass Steve and I noticed the most significant change that has occurred in the development of this instrument. Even John Scofield told me that he noticed a big change. This model has always been warm and deep in tone, but the new one is even more commanding.

John Scofield strikes a pose