New magazine article

guitarplayer_esoterica_newsI was asked to write a debut article for a new section called Esoterica in Guitar Player magazine. Check it out in the press section now:

Guitar Player, February 2013
Esoterica: Reimagining the ’Bird

I went to the Blue Note in New York City last night to hear the John Scofield Trio. I was eager to hear Steve Swallow playing the latest bass I built for him, a Citron AE5 Swallow Signature custom prototype. This bass varies from the earlier models in that this bass is 4″ thick, the body is 2″ longer and also a bit wider than previous instruments. The top is cedar, the neck is a lamination of Honduras Mahogany/East indian Rosewood/Honduras Mahogany. This one is finished in Nitro Cellulose lacquer. In this bass Steve and I noticed the most significant change that has occurred in the development of this instrument. Even John Scofield told me that he noticed a big change. This model has always been warm and deep in tone, but the new one is even more commanding.

John Scofield strikes a pose


Two new magazine articles

I have two great new magazine articles about me and my guitars featured in the press section—both with new photos.
Check them out:

Ulster Magazine, July/August 2012
Twice bitten by the bug: Harvey Citron & Harvey Citron Guitars
By Jason Upchurch / Photos by Michael Bloom

Premier Guitar, August 2012
Builder Profile: Citron Guitars and Basses
By Rich Osweiler


Citron AE5/Swallow Signature Prototype 6.5

My relationship with Steve Swallow as a builder has been our search for a bass that is warmer, richer, deeper sounding than the last. This new bass is the 6th and a half that I’ve built for Steve. I had built him a new neck for his last bass (Bass #5)- a 3-piece lamination of Honduras Mahogany/East Indian Rosewood/Honduras Mahogany with an oil finish. Once there were enough ideas for a new bass I made a drawing and discussed details with Steve. The new bass body would be wider, 2 inches longer, and 1 inch deeper (4 inches deep total) than the last. It would have a cedar top, and be finished in satin nitro cellulose lacquer with an oil finish on the neck.

Here are some photos of Steve with the new bass in progress.

Steve checking out the new body with a template of the previous shape on top to illustrate the difference in size.

Upon completion this bass exceeded all our expectations. It is profoundly deep, and commanding.

Steve with his latest AE5/Swallow Signature bass


Steve Swallow at Rosendale Cafe- June, 2012

What a treat to get to hear Steve with his new ensemble- the Steve Swallow, Ohad Talmor, Adam Nussbaum Trio, at an intimate local venue, the Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale, NY. The house was packed with all the great musicians from my area- a great night. Steve is playing his Citron AE5 Swallow Signature bass.